Are you looking for

a different kind of education?


So are we!  Join us! 

We are a group of parents who, after careful research, have decided to start a non-profit Self-Directed Education facility for our children ages 5 and up.


We have succeeded thus far thanks to an amazing group of over a dozen parent volunteers, generous donors, students, staff and their families. Click the photos below to meet the volunteers on our Board of Directors.

If you have examined SDE and share our vision, please volunteer with us and share your skills. Contact us here.


Together we are making it happen!

The Liberty School for Self-Directed Education is a private, non-profit, independent school open to all students capable of full participation as self-directed, autonomous members of the school's community.

The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, or national or ethnic origin

(or anything else you can think of).

Click and slide the photos to meet our board and see our site.

Jacy Stine Doyle, President

April Degeytair, Vice President

Lessie Melancon, Treasurer

Lori Soileau Babineaux, Secretary


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708 South Washington St.

Lafayette LA 70501

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A stack of Doyles

Jacy, volunteer and donor, holds a degree in Elementary Education with ESL certification and is passionate about Self-Directed Education. Our students are drawn to her happy and patient demeanor! Here she is with husband, Dr. T., and sons L., L., and T.